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Mafro Sports is an international company set up to respond to the needs of professional athletes and sports enthusiasts for performance sportswear and accessories.


Just as athletes 'Never Stop' trying to out-do their best individually and as a team, Mafro Sports are continually working to provide athletes with the best tools. Mafro Sports will 'Never Stop' supporting athletes with bold vision for themselves.


Mafro Sports is a team of ex-professionals, amateurs and coaches in football, basketball, boxing, track and other sports. We know how influential the quality of your kits' materials and design is to your performance, and therefore we know that working with the most attentive sportswear & accessories suppliers is critical.


Mafro Sports is committed to being your team's most enabling and most reliable partners, to dressing and kitting out your team for the win. 










Mafro Sports design & supply sportswear & accessories utilizing performance materials and stitching techniques to give you an edge in your sports. We kit out professional teams, corporate teams, academies, school teams and officials in football, cricket, rugby and other sports. 

Mafro Sports Management (MSM) are catalysts and facilitators in the arena of sporting events. We work with sporting events owners & organizers as well as government agencies and sporting associations. We help them increase their events' success & profitability by advising on operations & logistics, by creating new revenue streams & by tapping into our network.


Last but not least. we organize sporting programs at grass­roots level aiming to inspire, give direction and focus the youth. MSM's breadth of expertise and passion come from years of playing sports professionally, coaching, organizing tournaments, working with commercial partners and deep appreciation for athletes' need for the best uniform & equipment to deliver show stopping performance.


Our mission is to be as close as possible to your sporting needs and provide you with good products, tips, and the 
know-how that will give you the edge in your sport. We also aim to develop and enrich the youth so that they will grow up to love sports. MSM believes in giving back to the society, so we at MSM 'Never Stop' in supporting local communi­ties and schools through our creations.




Over 150 people attended from the clubs. Event which runs every Year in November. The 2011 event attracted about 300 fans to watch the matches. All Beverages and Transpor­tation were provided to the clubs and all clubs arc equip in Mafro Kits include Balls, Referee Uniforms and match officials were giving mafro kits. 


As a group, Mafro Sports Management ('"MSM") arc involved in all aspects of the sports industry from Sports Apparel Design and Accessories Supplies, Sports Marketing, Sports Events Management, CSR and Sports Develop­ment. MSM is also a player in the fashion industry, active lifestyle apparel segment.


With a dynamic and energetic team of professional ath­letes, marketing executives and business thinkers, MSM is dedicated to the management and marketing of this rapidly growing brand and the development of unique sports projects for our Clients.


MSM is in the business of transforming sports participation into extraordinary experiences by spinning off existing sporting events and formats, and by penetrating new mar­kets and reaching new audiences physically and through the media.

Mafro Sports Management's vision is to provide wildly enriching sporting experiences for Athletes and Audiences worldwide. 

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